The School of Innovation, Design and Engineering

At the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering – Akademin för innovation, design och teknik (IDT) we educate future innovators, entrepreneurs, illustrators, text designers, communicators, computer scientists, network engineers and engineers in product design, production, logistics, robotics and dependable systems. We have seven departments, five research domains with different research profiles and graduate schools at IDT.

Head of unit

Around 280 employees work at IDT, excluding about 50 externally employed doctoral students, who work in both Eskilstuna and Västerås. We offer education in the following areas:

  • Computer Science
  • Robotics
  • Dependable Systems
  • Innovation Technology
  • Innovation and Design
  • Product and Process Development.

IDT has a close collaboration with the private sector for both first-cycle courses and study programmes and research. We have partnerships with various companies and conduct student projects, degree projects and research projects with the private sector as our client. Our ambition is that our research is of benefit to the surrounding community, therefore we conduct a large number of research projects together with external parties such as county-councils, other higher education institutions and various companies.

At IDT we have a total of 16 degree programmes at first-cycle and second-cycle level.

First-cycle (Bachelor’s level)

Second-cycle (Master’s level)

The School hosts the following research specialisations:

The School hosts the following collaborative/partnership platforms:

IDT has coordinated a number of projects relating to internationalisation of education during the last few decades and admits more than 150 international students to the School every year. The School is active in several Erasmus+ funded projects and has established a double degree at both Bachelors and Masters level.


Internationalisation started in 2006 with the Erasmus Mundus EMA2 projects Eureca, Euroweb and Euroweb+ that offered scholarships to more than 1000 students and employees. From 2016, work continued with the International Credit Mobility programme that generates more than 60 students each year, where many choose to continue studying by conducting research studies at IDT.


For more than 15 years, IDT has worked with the Linnaeus-Palme (LP) scholarship programme together with countries such as India, China and Ghana. The LP programme consists of student and teacher exchanges from 2 weeks up to 40 weeks. Over the course of these years IDT’s long standing Indian partner Welingkar Institute (WeSchool) has had more than 100 people involved in the exchanges and seen an increase in cooperation which is the result of the LP programme. In these partnerships MDU promotes co-production, one of the collaborative models which is a cornerstone of MDU’s strategy.