Collaboration self-evident part of education and research

MDU is founded on collaboration and people say that it is in the University’s DNA. When the University was founded in 1977 it fulfilled several needs in the region, and close cooperation with both the private and public sectors was quickly developed. Today collaboration is a self-evident part of education and research. The University also has several strategic collaboration projects and collaboration agreements with companies and the public sector.


  • Date 2023-02-13
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MDU to receive a world-class visit

On Tuesday, 14 February around 50 ambassadors representing a significant part of the world's countries will visit MDU. Discussions about internationalisation, collaboration and sustainability, for instance, are on the agenda.

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  • Date 2023-02-17
  • Article type News

Two new graduate schools provide knowledge for Swedish industry

MDU will receive funding for two new industrial graduate schools, RELIANT and INDTECHPLUS, each with a different specialisation but both have a joint focus on application for Swedish industry.

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Students in demand on the labour market

By these close links to employers the students already gain valuable contacts with future employers during their studies. The University further develops and creates new study programmes together with companies and the public sector. In this way the study programmes attain high quality and are up to date. The students also acquire the skills that are needed on the labour market.

Knowledge of benefit to society

It is MDU's mission to develop new knowledge and to disseminate this to the outside world. The University contributes to the growth and sustainable development of society and ensures that research-based knowledge is part of the public debate. Together with friends outside the University’s walls, the University identifies societal challenges and finds solutions. A part of this is to ensure that research findings are of concrete benefit to society.

Meet your future colleagues

Do you need to recruit employees or want to create a profile on campus? There are a variety of options available at Mälardalen University for you as an employer if you wish to get to know and get in contact with our student

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Advertise job vacancies

Through our Ad Portal, you can advertise job vacancies, summer jobs, trainee places and extra jobs both in Sweden and abroad, free of charge.

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Thesis and degree project

A student has new research-based knowledge and can often come with new approaches, solve problems and develop the organisation.

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Collaborative platforms that drive social change

MDU runs various projects in collaboration with the private sector, municipalities, authorities and organisations.

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Get to know a student and share your experiences. Offering to be a mentor gives you, as a leader of operations, a valuable insight into the academic world. You will also get the chance to develop your leadership qualities and you can broaden your network of contacts with other mentors.

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Collaboration with the private and public sectors

Together with municipalities, authorities, companies and organisations, the University contributes to the development of society through its education and research. Here you can read about how your company or organisation can get in touch and collaborate with MDU, our students and researchers.

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Externally employed doctoral students

An externally employed doctoral student is a research student who is employed in a company or municipality and who carries out research studies during employment. If employed in a company the doctoral student carries out research studies within this employment, while a doctoral student in a municipality carries out research studies at the University and at the same time works within the municipality. Research studies may be carried out either full time or part time.

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Continuing professional development and lifelong learning for professionals

Mälardalen University offers online courses enabling students and professionals in the manufacturing industry to quickly gain new competence in Applied AI, Environmental and Energy Engineering, Software and Computer Systems Engineering.

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Support Mälardalen University

MDU is one of Sweden’s foremost HEIs when it comes to collaboration. Together with the public and private sectors, the University contributes with its education and research towards the development of society. But your support is needed. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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