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MDU's research leads to necessary knowledge and development – for Swedish industry and welfare, but also to solve some of the global challenges. The greatest part of research is conducted in cooperation with the private and the public sectors.

  • Date 2023-03-21
  • Article type News

MDU is gearing up its efforts in the international market

This year marks the 20th anniversary of research cooperation initiatives between Rwanda and Sweden. Fourteen Swedish and six African higher education institutions are involved and will work together to educate Rwandan researchers in a number of areas. MDU is included in this cooperation and is now boosting its efforts ahead of the next phase: to develop female leadership in Africa.

about MDU is gearing up its efforts in the international market
  • Date 2023-03-06
  • Article type News

Recently developed AI solution assists air traffic

An AI system has been developed through a project at MDU that can calculate delays and predict hazards and interruptions in aviation. The system will not only be able to assist air traffic controllers to predict and communicate the disruptions to passengers and operators in the aviation industry, but also prevent the actual disruptions.

about Recently developed AI solution assists air traffic

Research specialisations

Future Energy Center

Research focusing on renewable energy, energy efficiency and emission mitigation, as well as smarter modelling, optimisation and management.

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Health and Welfare

An interdisciplinary specialisation, an area for research studies and a field of knowledge where health research and welfare research meet studying different aspects of health.

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Embedded Systems

Computer science related to computers running entire systems or parts of systems, often with a demand for real-time operation, in everything from home appliances to aeroplanes.

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Industrial Economics and Organization

Research focusing on for example the sustainable development of industry and working life.

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Innovation and Product Realisation

Research on how to develop sustainable, useful and competitive products and services.

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Educational Sciences and Mathematics

Researchers are working to raise the quality of education and to develop industry with the aid of mathematics.

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