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MDU is a dynamic workplace where as a member of staff you are the core and enrich the organisation. The University wishes to inspire its staff to an enterprising spirit and innovative thinking.

Work with us

Welcome to a workplace where our goal is to make a difference. Together with colleagues, the surrounding society and our collaborative partners we wish to create a better and more sustainable future. Do you want to be a part of our journey?

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We will take your skills into account and assure you that you can develop together with us. At MDU we work jointly and closely with our colleagues, students and collaborative partners.

We create value and benefit for a sustainable society

The main mission of the University, through both education and research, is to be of value to and benefit society. We therefore conducts hundreds hundreds of collaboration projects together with companies and the public sector. Collaboration has been an inherent part of MDU since our foundation in 1977.

At the same time, we strongly safeguard academic values such as academic freedom, the integrity of research, collegiality and the intrinsic value of knowledge. In our research, both our own curiosity and the requirements from the world around us are vital driving forces, which help us in finding solutions to create a sustainable future for everyone.


"Collaboration is the driving force in the research environment"

Filip Markovic

postdoctoral position Computer Science

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Meet more of MDU's staff

professor Masoud Daneshtalab

"The freedom and support is what I love most about working here.”

Professor Masoud Daneshtalab has worked at MDU since 2016. He previously worked at the University of Turku, Finland and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

“I really enjoy both researching and teaching at the University. But the freedom and support I get to conduct my research is what I love most about working here.”

Masoud conducts reserach within Deep Learning and artificiell intelligens (AI) at MDU. He co-leads the Heterogeneous System research group, hardware/software co-design.

What possibilities do you see for AI in the future?

“My vision is to create a customised hardware design with the emerging memory technology to develop a complete real-time capable computing device that matches the human brain in terms of the numbers of units and connections, in the size of a Smart watch.”

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Eva Lindell, lektor företagsekonomi

"For me, MDU is a University of opportunity."

“I started working at MDU in 2008. Up until now no year has been quite like another. At the beginning I worked with HR issues and then I got the chance to help design a leadership programme in cooperation with teachers and researchers at all the four Schools at MDU. During the final stage of the programme a doctoral studentship in research on the University as an organisation was advertised and I was encouraged to apply. This was a major step forward, but nothing I have regretted.

To be able to move between different areas, between the Schools or between a School and Administration is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience and understand one's own organisation. For me, MDU is a University of opportunity.”

professor Jinyue Yan

He is one of the world´s most influential researchers

Jinyue Yan is one of the world's highest-ranking researchers in his research domain and is also editor of the prestigious Applied Energy journal. He is a Professor of the Future Energy research specialisation, a specialisation that conducts world-leading research with excellent results and has many international cooperative agreements.

Jinyue Yan has conducted research at both the Royal Institute of Technology and Luleå Technical University and started as a Professor at Mälardalen University (MDU) in 2005.

Dynamic research environment

“The research environment at MDH is very dynamic, which allows for great openness. Much can be gained with what is called research without borders. It creates interesting cooperation, international exchanges and provides a large influx of new ideas and approaches. Now that MDH will become an official University, it will further strengthen the opportunities for international cooperation.”

What is the importance of collaboration between research, industry and the public sector in solving the major issues linked to climate change and change in society?

“One of the reasons why the position at MDH was so interesting was precisely the close cooperation with industry, and that Västerås is really the energy capital of Sweden. The close collaboration gives us the opportunity of testing together with industry whether our research is applicable and works in reality. We don’t just work with theoretical research but try to find solutions to several concrete challenges in the field of energy. This adds a whole new dimension to the cooperation with engineers at leading energy companies, and thereby makes our research better.”

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MDU has 17 000 students that study courses and programmes in Design and Communication, Economics, Healthcare, Education, Engineering, Chamber Music and Opera.

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MDU is founded on collaboration and people say that it is in the University’s DNA. When the University was founded in 1977 it fulfilled several needs in the region, and close cooperation with both the private and public sectors was quickly developed.

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At MDU research is carried out in many disciplinary domains to solve problems in society.

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One university, two cities

MDU has campuses at two cities, Eskilstuna and Västerås, which are easy to reach wherever you are. Both cities are situated in an expansive region with good communications. The Eskilstuna campus is just a five-minute walk from the central station. The walk to the Västerås campus from the central station takes around 15 minutes. If you’re travelling between the University’s two campus cities on business, you travel free with the bus, which goes from door to door.

Campus Eskilstuna

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Campus Västerås

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If you want to know what it is like to live in Eskilstuna, visit the city website.

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