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Campus Eskilstuna

The University campus lies right in the heart of Eskilstuna, just a few minutes from the Central Station. If you want to do more than just study, the city’s restaurants, shops and night life lie close at hand.

Nya MDH Eskilstuna

Large parts of the University are situated in time-honoured industrial properties that have been refurbished up to a modern standard. By preserving the robust industrial architecture in brick and steel they have kept their charm from the old days at the same time as the buildings feel modern and fresh.

On campus you can find for example:

  • The Student Centre
  • group rooms, lecture rooms, computer rooms and the large hall Aula Collegium
  • a restaurant and a student-run café
  • The University Library
  • The Student Health Care
  • The Student Union building

The new MDU in Eskilstuna

MDU's activities in Eskilstuna are today spread among several industrial premises from the 1800s in the centre of Eskilstuna. To create a living and modern campus where all activities are gathered in one place, MDU, together with Eskilstuna Municipality, are building a new campus in the heart of the city. The new MDU in Eskilstuna is planned to be ready in the spring 2020.

MDU and Eskilstuna Municipality are investing together in a new campus in Eskilstuna. The building is being constructed where the sports Hall and the Water Palace previously stood. However, the old part of the Water Palace is being kept and transformed into a new University Library.

Open environment with great opportunities for collaboration

One of the goals is that the new area will visualise MDU as an open and modern study environment with great opportunities for collaboration. At the same time, today’s feeling of closeness and intimacy will remain. Since the current neighbourhood is situated in the centre of Eskilstuna it is also important that the new building is designed so that it contributes in a positive way to the city centre.

Around 4 000 students and 300 staff will be studying and working at the new campus. Its area will be 20 000 m².

Welcome to Eskilstuna – a city with drive

Studenter i Eskilstuna framför domkyrkan

Eskilstuna is a town of contrasts. Brand new, modern buildings are side by side with 17th century houses full of history.

The city is known for its many restaurants, cafés and clubs as well as its music stage. There are activites for all tastes; cultural such as theater, handicraft and music events or why not attend sports matches or practise some yourself.

Major companies in the city are Volvo, Eskilstuna Energi och Miljö, Outokumpu and more.

”Don’t regret for one second that I moved to Eskilstuna”

Living in Eskilstuna means proximity to everything, and for those who want, an active life besides their studies. Mathilda Jonsson is one of the students who chose to leave the big city to study the M.Sc. in Engineering programme in Production and Product Design in Eskilstuna.

Mathilda Jonsson

- I didn’t really know very much about Eskilstuna as a city before I moved here. Today I don’t regret it one single second. The city has everything that any other city you like can offer but within easy reach. I’m no longer dependent on public transport but can save time that I can spend with my friends, my interests or devote to my studies, says Mathilda Jonsson.

In the city there are parks, shopping, cafés, food stores and the University within walking distance, and for those who like there are good connections to Stockholm, Västerås and Örebro.

As a student in Eskilstuna there are always things to do and people to hang out with, both at the University and through the student associations who for example arrange a variety of evening activities. For those who like playing football, floorball or any other sport there’s ELSA (Eskilstuna Lagom Sportiga Akademiker [– Light Sporty Academics]), who book halls and coordinate activities, she says.

Housing through the housing guarantee

As a newcomer to the city, students in Eskilstuna are guaranteed housing in the city where their study programme is given if they fulfil the requirements and apply in time. Some of the student dwellings are only a few minutes’ walk from the University.

- I applied for accommodation within the housing guarantee and got an apartment in the centre of Eskilstuna that I’ve now lived in for two years. As opposed to living in my home city I’m saving money both staying and living in Eskilstuna, which enables me to put more money into other things, says Mathilda.

Near to companies

Eskilstuna is a small city in the heart of Mälardalen, which is a region close to industry with a lot of big technological companies such as Volvo Construction Equipment AB, Volvo Parts AB, Assa Abloy AB, Alfa Laval AB and Outokumpu Nordic AB.

- As a student at MDU we have the privilege of working with real-life projects directly linked to the companies that are in Eskilstuna, which makes it easier for us to get both summer jobs and a job after graduating, she says.

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