Our collaboration partners

The Centre for Welfare Change serves as a gateway for all issues related to health and welfare technology. We are a hub for collaboration where new knowledge is co-produced, made available and utilised. Here we meet in the academia, business, civil society and the public sector to jointly develop solutions for the future and adapt to a future way of working based on the possibilities of Health and Welfare Technology.

Through its location at MDU, the Centre has a large network of collaborative partners both within and outside the University. We can help you to direct your question to the correct party and help to establish a first contact.

MDU is one of Sweden’s foremost higher education institutions in collaboration. Since we were established in 1977 we have enjoyed a long tradition of collaboration with both the private and the public sector in the Region. The University also has numerous strategic collaboration projects and collaboration agreements with companies and the public sector and has built close partnerships both locally and regionally.

MDU hosts a number of collaborative platforms linked to the Health and Welfare Technology area. Here are some examples