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Construction Team

The Centre is managed by a Scientific Leader and Project Leader. In addition, there is a team of researchers. The assignment of the researchers is to through internal and external collaboration identify and discuss challenges and thereby define these into viable projects, project manage and drive interdisciplinary projects, get external funding for research projects and develop set-up and processes for the activities of the centre.

Susanne Porswald

Petra Heideken Wågert

Scientific Leader for the Centre. Previous Process Manager for MDU’s strategic commitment in Health and Welfare Technology (HWT). Professor of Physiotherapy. Conducts research primarily on older peoples’ health, behavioural change and Health and Welfare Technology.

Contact information and presentation of Petra Heideken Wågert External link.

Susanne Porswald

Katarina Pihl

Project Leader for the Centre for two years since September 2022. Katarina is a qualified Social Worker with experience in municipal social services. She has worked for several years with supervising social services at the County Administrative Board and the National Board of Health and Welfare.

Contact information and presentation of Katarina Pihl External link.

Susanne Porswald

Matt Richardson

Researcher in Health and Welfare Technology with a focus on questions concerning evidence, implementation, remuneration, efficiency, and policy related to Health and Welfare Technology both in Sweden and abroad.

Contact information and presentation of Matt Richardson External link.

Susanne Porswald

Karin Schölin Byvall

Researcher in Health and Welfare Technology with a focus on user perspectives and ethical aspects, to encourage the individual’s ability to search for, find, understand and take a stand on information about healthcare on the Internet.

Contact information and presentation of Karin Schölin Byvall External link.

Susanne Porswald

Peter E Johansson

Senior Lecturer with a focus on learning and development of professional skills in working life. He has participated and is responsible for several research projects that have been conducted in close collaboration with organisations in both the private and the public sectors.

Contact information and presentation of Peter E Johansson External link.

Susanne Porswald

Viktoria Zander

Senior Lecturer with a focus on the adoption of, research and education in Health and Welfare Technology based on the individual and their immediate environment. She has been involved in the development of and is the Programme Coordinator for the Master’s Programme in Health and Welfare Technology.

Contact information and presentation of Viktoria Zander External link.


Susanne Porswald

Sasan Sadrizadeh

Professor of Fluid Mechanics and the Mechanics of Disease Control. Conducts research mainly on indoor air quality and occupant health in buildings with a focus on hospitals and schools.

Contact information and presentation of Sasan Sadrizadeh External link.

Susanne Porswald

Maria Lindén

Professor of Health Engeneering with a focus on developing sensory and measuring systems. The systems are used to diagnose, monitor and prevent disease.

Contact information and presentation of Maria Lindén External link.

Susanne Porswald

Anette Hallin

Professor of Organisation and Management. The focus of the research is how new technologies develop and will be characterised by different values, how and why the technology is introduced and used or not used.

Contact information and presentation of Anette Hallin External link.

Susanne Porswald

Ulrika Jepson Wigg

Senior Lecturer in Teaching and Learning. The focus of the research is the education of newly arrived pupils and teachers' work with digitalisation and higher education teaching and learning.

Contact information and presentation of Ulrika Jepson Wigg External link.

Susanne Porswald

Dino Viscovi

Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications, Linnaeus University. The focus of the research is the audience and the appropriation of digital media. In several projects, he has studied people aged more than 65 years and their everyday lives and media use.

Contact information and presentation of Dino Viscovi External link.

Advisory Board

The advisory board consists of eight members from academia, civil society, private and public sectors. Professor Jonas Stier is the Chair of the Board. Based on the experiences and skills of its members, the Board’s role is to support the centre’s management in strategic decisions, for example in terms of specialisations for the organisation and long-term priorities. The Advisory Board will promote the Centre’s local, national and international relationship-building and visibility. Members are appointed for three years with the possibility of re-election.

Susanne Porswald

Jonas Stier

Sociologist and Professor of Social Work at MDU.

Jonas has extensive experience in research and education in collaboration with stakeholders outside the higher education sector. Jonas is the Scientific Leader for Samhällskontraktet / the Social Contract and one of the founders of Addai.org - a policy initiative with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI).

Susanne Porswald

Annasarah Pavasson

Chief administrative officer of Köping’s municipality.

Annasarah is passionate about the health and social care assignment. She has a strong conviction that dialogue and learning will create the conditions for active employee empowerment. Annasarah has a deep affiliation with the daily challenges and requirements faced by health and social care. With her knowledge and experience, she hopes to contribute to developing the Centre.

Susanne Porswald

Daniel Boqvist

Process Manager and Head of Operations Automation Region.

Daniel has extensive experience in organisation and business development. He works with systemic innovation and strategic partnerships, international relations, as well as transformational and innovation-driven leadership. He brings expertise and experience in innovation clusters and complex systems involving many parties.

Susanne Porswald

Emma Hanson

Strategist for Sustainable regional development with a focus on business development and innovation at Region Sörmland.

Emma wishes to contribute with knowledge about the private sector as well as about innovation systems in Sörmland, Eastern Central Sweden and nationally. She will also focus on the regional perspective of the Centre's activities.

Susanne Porswald

Simon Vinge

Chief Economist for The Union for Professionals (Akademikerförbundet SSR).

Simon wants to add an employee and citizen perspective to the ongoing technological developments. He believes that our work on algorithms and automation aims to safeguard transparency and participation in a democratised technology.

Susanne Porswald

Sarah Wamala Andersson

Professor and Head of Subject in Health and Welfare Technology at MDU.

Sarah will contribute with her interdisciplinary research, broad professional and managerial experience from the public sector, private sector, academia and international cooperation, and her passion for transforming research into practical use.

Susanne Porswald

Peter Kjäll

Policy expert at Techsverige has a Doctor’s degree in Medical Sciences.

Peter has many years of work experience in the innovation ecosystem around tech in health and medical care and life science through his roles in academia, industrial research, entrepreneurship and business. By means of these standpoints, he hopes to contribute with research and creating.

Susanne Porswald

Moris Benham

Professor and Director of Research for Innovation and Product Realisation at MDU.

Moris works with the development of digital technologies such as IoT, cloud services, smart systems and AI. He is particularly interested in including people and sustainability aspects in the development, adaptation and application of digital technologies.

Susanne Porswald

Jonas Cederberg

Head of the Medical Diagnostics and Technology area and for the Management team of Region Västmanland.

Jonas is a qualified Doctor of medicine and has publicly defended a doctoral thesis on medical cell biology. He wished to contribute with his knowledge, skills and experience of the region.