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Our welfare system is facing major challenges with more older people and a declining workforce. Swedes are living longer and longer. The number of people aged 80 and older is expected to increase by 50 per cent up until 2029. This is basically positive, but it also places greater demands on society when more people have to be supported by fewer people. The need for both health and medical care will increase over the next ten years.

To meet the challenge, we as individuals need to be healthier, more active and independent as we age. With the right support, older people can live more independently and reduce the need for future healthcare.

Organisations need to develop and be streamlined to meet these needs. The welfare system needs to develop new systems, products and services that both maintain and increase our own abilities while making work more efficient. This means that we need technology - but properly used to service people, so that staff time and knowledge can be spent on the activities where they are most needed, i.e. on the activities that cannot be replaced by technical solutions.

We want everyone to live a healthy, active and independent life. Health and welfare technology enables us to manage ourselves to a greater extent based on our own conditions.


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