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We help you to solve your specific challenge. By mobilising the collective knowledge in health and welfare technology, we can together drive the transition required for our future welfare. Here you can see what we can help you with.

Expert teams in health and welfare technologies

We put together a team of experts based on your challenge. It consists of various researchers who are part of the centre's development team. Depending on your challenge, different representatives from the municipality, region, business and civil society also participate. Together, we discuss your challenge from different perspectives and what steps we could take to solve it going forward with you.

Our six research specialisations


Workshop with the Centre's partners and our experts

Discuss your challenge with the Centre's partners and our experts and find out what steps you can take to solve it. We will plan the organisation and implementation based on your theme and invite relevant stakeholders from the public sector, academia, business and civil society.


Evidence-based practices in welfare change

We provide an overview of evidence-based methods in welfare change. For example in implementation, skills intelligence, leadership or evidence for existing health and welfare technology, such as night cameras and medical robots.

Research based on your challenge

In some cases there might not be any previous research associated with your challenge. If this is the case, we can connect you with researchers to create new research projects in your area.


Skills enhancement

MDU is a higher education institution. If your organisation needs skills enhancement, we can help you put together a custom designed training package.


Evidence generation of a product or method

For a product or a method in health and welfare technology to be useful in care and social services evidence is required. We can connect you with researchers who can research your product and provide you with evidence.


Developing your innovation ability

MDU has strong innovation research. We can help you to move forward with your innovation ability.


Collaboration - we connect you with the right partner

Through the centre's location at MDU, the centre has a large network of collaborative partners both within and outside the university. MDU also has a number of collaboration platforms linked to the field of health and welfare technology. We help you get connected with the right partner.

Our collaboration partners

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