Centre for welfare change

Our welfare system is facing major challenges with more older people and a declining workforce. As individuals, we need to become healthier, more active and independent as we age. But welfare also needs to develop new systems, products and services to increase capacity and streamline the work. The Centre for Welfare Change is a collaborative platform where the public sector, academia, business and civil society develop the welfare of the future based on the possibilities of health and welfare technology.

Let us guide you through the Health and Welfare Technology knowledge area

MDU has for several years conducted successful research in Health and Welfare Technology, a field that spans several scientific disciplines.

External monitoring

Overview of evidence based methods in welfare change, such as implementation, skills intelligence, leadership or evidence for existing health and welfare technology, such as night cameras and medical robots.

Research project and ongoing evaluation

It may be that the review shows that there is no previous research. If this is the case, we can connect you with researchers to create new research projects in your area.


MDU is a higher education institution. If the review shows that your organisation needs skills enhancement, we can help you put together a custom designed training package based on your challenge.

Evidence generation

For a product or a method in health and welfare technology to be useful in care and social services evidence is required. We can connect you with researchers who can research your product and provide you with evidence.


MDU has strong innovation research. We can support you to move forward with your innovation efforts.

Get in touch

If you are active in welfare issues, we look forward to helping you with your challenge, whether you work in academia, business, civil society or the public sector. Together we will analyse your challenge to find a solution going forward. This may mean, for example, that we will review previously completed projects, previous research and which actors are active in the field and can help you further.