Centre for Welfare Change

The Centre for Welfare Change is a collaborative platform where the public sector, academia, business and civil society develop the welfare of the future based on the possibilities of health and welfare technology.

We gather the expertise you need

To meet future needs in health and social care, we need to develop new systems, products and services. The Centre for Welfare Change has extensive knowledge in health and welfare technology. Through our collective knowledge and our contacts in research, industry and health and social care, we can gather the expertise needed to solve your particular challenge.

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Do you work with welfare issues? Get in touch with us.

If you work with welfare issues in academia, business, civil society or the public sector, you are welcome to contact us with your challenge and your questions.

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Why our welfare needs to evolve

Our welfare system is facing major challenges with more older people and a declining workforce. As individuals, we need to become healthier, more active and independent as we age. But welfare also needs to develop new systems, products and services to increase capacity and streamline the work.

Our mission

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Join the Research Network

  • 2024-08-29 13:00–16:00
MDU, Västerås, U2-145
Are you conducting research related to health and welfare technology? Starting in August 2024, you can join a new research network at the Centre for Welfare Change. The first seminar will be held on 29 August 2024.

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