The strengths of the Centre

For many years MDU has conducted solid research at all the Schools in the area of Health and Welfare Technology but like the rest of society has struggled to find a joint approach.

Together we can leverage the central knowledge to drive the change that is needed for a sustainable welfare, based on the possibilities of Health and Welfare Technology.

  • Practice led research and needs based education
  • Make central knowledge available
  • We can tackle these challenges through education, research and innovation.


Our six research specialisations


  • A progressive and collaborative University where together we shape a sustainable future.
  • We enjoy a mutual exchange of knowledge with other higher education institutions, industry, municipalities, regions and civil society.
  • MDU was established in collaboration with industry and we usually say that it is part of the University’s DNA. When MDU was established in 1977 we fulfilled many demands in the region, and a close cooperation with both the private and public sectors developed quickly. Today, this collaboration is an integral aspect of the University’s education and research. The University also has numerous strategic collaboration projects and collaboration agreements with companies and the public sector.