Electrification Hub

Electrification Hub is a collaboration platform that will gather cutting-edge expertise in joint efforts to accelerate the development of electrification, energy and electromobility and further drive climate change in Sweden and internationally. The goal is to help reduce the environmental impact of heavy traffic in Sweden, according to the Swedish set targets which involve a 70 per cent reduction in emissions.


How will this be done?

By implementing and demonstrating solutions, conducting research and development, industrialising innovations, contributing to policy development and attracting and developing new skills, we can strengthen efforts to reduce emissions, sustainable growth and the national and global climate and environmental goals.

Electrification Hub will serve as an independent platform that enables national and international collaboration regarding electrified transport which in turn will contribute to reduced emissions.
“We want to be an engine in the transition to electrified transport. Companies, large as well as small, have access to different solutions, which together can create a major change when we apply them to system level. To be able to put the solutions into practice, open test environments will be needed, in which we can connect companies, research, innovations and start-ups. And that's exactly what Electrification Hub can contribute with", says Elin Svanström, Process Manager of Electrification Hub.

Accelerate electrification through innovation and co-creation, on Youtube External link.

Collaboration partners within Electrification Hub:

ABB, Alstom, Epiroc, Hitachi ABB Power Grids, InnoEnergy, Mälardalen University (MDU), Northvolt, Region Västmanland, RISE, Scania, Svealandstrafiken, Uppsala University, Volvo Construction Equipment and Västerås Municipality.

  • Date 2021-05-04
  • Article type News

Electrification Hub concentrating efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of heavy traffic

Electrification Hub, a national and international hub in electrification, energy and mobility, with a special focus on heavy transport, is being established at MDH. Its goal is to contribute towards Sweden’s set targets of reducing the environmental impact of heavy traffic through a 70 per cent reduction of emissions.

about Electrification Hub concentrating efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of heavy traffic