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Fokuserar på att överbrygga de teoretiska grunderna för tillförlitlighet och industriell mjukvaruutveckling, med tonvikt på teknik- och processaspekter för komplexa tillförlitliga system.


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Pågående forskningsprojekt

The overall goal of ACICS is to provide models, methods and tools that facilitate a substantial increase of dependability of cloud-based platforms for ICPS applications, with respect to consistency, security and interoperability of data, timing predictability of using shared virtual resources, together with a framework of guaranteeing QoS enforcement by formal analysis and verification.

Projektansvarig vid MDU: Cristina Seceleanu

Huvudfinansiering: KK-stiftelsen

The ultimate goal of the DPAC profile is to establish a nationally leading and internationally renowned research centre that facilitate close cooperation between academia and industry to achieve a significant increase in research and available knowhow on advanced dependable platforms for embedded systems.

Projektansvarig vid MDU: Kristina Lundqvist

Huvudfinansiering: KK-stiftelsen

ITS-EASY is an industrial research school in Embedded Software and Systems, affiliated with the School of Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDT) at Mälardalen University (MDU), as an integrated part of the MDU strategic research area Embedded Systems (ES).

Projektansvarig vid MDU: Kristina Lundqvist

Huvudfinansiering: KK-stiftelsen

This project addresses design methods for the use of DNNs in airborne safety-critical systems.

Projektansvarig vid MDU: Håkan Forsberg

Huvudfinansiering: Vinnova

In Serendipity, we will develop new technologies and a platform for safetycritical connected cyberphysical systems that leverage existing techniques for dependable systems and augment them with scalable security solutions for open and heterogeneous systems.

Projektansvarig vid MDU: Mikael Sjödin

Huvudfinansiering: Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning