Renewable Energy

Methods for a sustainable sludge management and recirculation of nutrients and organic material to productive land.

In wastewater you find nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous and to be able to achieve resource and energy efficient flows in society it is important that those nutrient can be recirculated to agricukture land. In this project we study processes and methods to increase the possibility for this recirculation.

Project manager at MDU

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The aim of the project is to study processes and methods for separation of metals and nutrients at wastewater treatment plants and by this increase the possibility to recirculate nutrients to agriculture land.

Project objectives

  • contribute to increased knowledge on adsorption of metals in wastewater on biochar
    develop a model for adsorption of metals on biochar.
  • contribute to increased knowledge on flows of nutrients and metals in wastewater treatment plants and the influence of different operation parameters and process designs.
  • give an overview of the possibilities to separate different sludge qualities in the wastewater treatment plant for an efficient recirculation of nutrients and energy.