Future Energy Center

Resource efficiency with focus on energy efficiency, low emissions and nutrient and material recovery

Resource efficiency includes utilizing bioenergy sources and at the same time enabling recovery of other resources, as for example nutrients and sustainable cities built in an ecologic, economic, and social sustainable way.

Another important area is investigating possible process integration for both increased flexibility and resource efficiency as well as low emissions.



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Ongoing research projects

Syftet med projektet är att maximera synergier i big data, ny teknik och innovativ marknadsdesign för högre grad av flexibilitet i energisystem.

Project manager at MDU: Jinyue Yan

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation

The corporate graduate school Future-Proof Cities has a focus on sustainable urban development, and builds on a community dialogue about challenges for Swedish medium-sized towns – a community dialogue in which academia, in collaboration with the private sector and community planning, plays a central part in implementing solutions for sustainable development.

Project manager at MDU: Eva Thorin

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is the OECD countries' cooperation body for energy issues and has 28 member countries. The Swedish Energy Agency distributes the funds to participate in this work to a Swedish consortium, where RISE acts as project manager. The assignment is specifically about improving operation, reliability and economics for solar cell systems through a common platform where quality aspects are developed and knowledge is disseminated to different market players.

Project manager at MDU: Bengt Stridh

Main financing: Energimyndigheten

Unity4Water is a revolutionary project that brings together engineering, social science and cutting edge technology. Researchers will work together to optimize circularity in wastewater reclamation and food production, focusing on nutrient recovery, carbon capture, and much more.

Main financing: Vinnova