Future Energy Center

Resource efficiency with focus on energy efficiency, low emissions and nutrient and material recovery

Resource efficiency includes utilizing bioenergy sources and at the same time enabling recovery of other resources, as for example nutrients and sustainable cities built in an ecologic, economic, and social sustainable way.

Another important area is investigating possible process integration for both increased flexibility and resource efficiency as well as low emissions.



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Ongoing research projects

The aim of this project is to carry out a feasibility study of how agrivoltaic systems, that are the combination of farm activities and solar parks, can increase the energy efficiency and economic viability of PV systems in Sweden.

Project manager at MDU: Pietro Campana

Main financing: Swedish Energy Agency

Syftet med projektet är att maximera synergier i big data, ny teknik och innovativ marknadsdesign för högre grad av flexibilitet i energisystem.

Project manager at MDU: Jinyue Yan

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation

The corporate graduate school Future-Proof Cities has a focus on sustainable urban development, and builds on a community dialogue about challenges for Swedish medium-sized towns – a community dialogue in which academia, in collaboration with the private sector and community planning, plays a central part in implementing solutions for sustainable development.

Project manager at MDU: Eva Thorin

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation

This project takes a system perspective on possible collaboration between variable electricity production and storage options in connection to district heating production. The main purpose is to utilize excess heat that arises during energy conversion for storage.

Project manager at MDU: Bengt Stridh

Main financing: Energimyndigheten

Projektets allmänna mål är att göra Power-to-gas-teknologin till en livskraftig lösning för långvarig lagring.

Project manager at MDU: Konstantinos Kyprianidis

Main financing: ERA-NET (Energimyndigheten)

Recreate aims to develop knowledge on how to achieve efficient and economically feasible second life management solutions for EV batteries to improve the Swedish manufacturing industry' competitiveness.

Project manager at MDU: Koteshwar Chirumalla

Main financing: Knowledge Foundation

SMART will look at the integration of physics-based models of district heating network, with real-time AI-based load prediction and model-predictive control. The project will include models of next generation attached and detached single- and multi-family solar buildings to be connected to the regional heat and power distribution system.

Project manager at MDU: Amir Vadiee

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation