Doctoral Education

Doctoral education is an important aspect of the University's mission and responsibility. A doctoral education will give you in-depth knowledge of a scientific subject and as a doctoral student, you will contribute, through your research, to the general development of society.


Public defence, Joyce Martin – Computer Science

  • 2024-08-20 13:15
Room Kappa
The public defence of Joyce Martin’s licentiate thesis; " Towards Mission and Capability Modelling for Systems of Systems", will take place at Mälardalen University, campus Västerås, August 20, 2024

Public defence, Elena Anastasiadou – Business administration

  • 2024-08-27 10:15
Gamma, MDU Västerås
Business Actor Engagement: Understanding Collaborative Business Initiative Outcomes

Public defence, Benti Geleta Buli - Public Health Sciences

  • 2024-09-06 13:15
Sal Lambda (Västerås) och digitalt via Zoom
The public defence of Benti Geleta Buli doctoral thesis will take place at Mälardalen University, campus Västerås September 6 2024.

Public defence, Stefan Karlsson – Computer Science

  • 2024-09-10 13:15
Västerås campus
Exploring API Behaviours by Example Generation

Public defence, Catarina Bojesson – Innovation and Design

  • 2024-09-13 09:15
C3-003 Eskilstuna Campus
Title: Enabling Dynamic Capability - Managing and Organizing for Change

Public defence, Lukas Dust – Electronics

  • 2024-09-17 13:30
The public defence of Lukas Dust’s licentiate thesis; " Verifying ROS 2 Based Distributed Robotic Systems", will take place at Mälardalen University, campus Västerås, September 17, 2024.

The public defence of Alvaro Aranda Muñoz doctoral thesis will take place at Mälardalen University, campus Eskilstuna September 20 2024

  • 2024-09-20 13:00
C3-003 campus Eskilstuna
”Collaborative Thinking with and through Technology Dimensions of Materials, Methods and Perspectives”

Public defence, Pablo Gutiérrez Peón – Computer Science

  • 2024-09-26 13:14
Pi, Västerås campus
Title: Dependable real-time communications for systems with integrated wired and wireless connectivity

Public defence: Simon Mählkvist - Energy and Environmental Engineering

  • 2024-10-03 09:15
Gamma, Campus Västerås
Cost-Conscious Analytics and Decision Support for Industrial Batch Processes

Working environment

Read more here about the working environment at Mälardalen University.

Influence as a doctoral student

There are several different ways to be involved and influence your study environment at the university.


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