Future Energy Center

Renewable Energy

In Renewable Energy the researchers work with components, processes and systems for converting biomass, with focus on waste streams, to heat, electricity and vehicle fuel, and utilisation of solar and wind energy.
A core area is enhancing the flexibility, to accommodate intermittent renewable energies such as solar and wind, and to meet the growing need of capacity.


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Ongoing research projects

This project aims to develop artificial intelligence (AI) assisted solutions to optimize the dynamic operation of chemical absorption and its integration in CHP.

Project manager at MDU: Hailong Li

Main financing: Energimyndigheten

The project GEFWIN aims at demonstrating, testing, and evaluating a novel manufacturing method for wind turbine blades; "Rapid Tow Shearing" which will leads to reduced amount of used material and better design flexibility.

Project manager at MDU: Konstantinos Kyprianidis

Main financing: Vinnova; Eurostars

The purpose of this research project HH-KK is enable research collaboration between Mid Sweden University (MIUN),Mälardalen University (MDU), BillerudKorsnäs and Mondi. The research focus will be to gain a better understanding of the lignin chemistry related to high-kappa kraft cooking process byimplementing Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) as the primary analytical technology.

Project manager at MDU: Anders Avelin

Main financing: KK-stiftelsen

The overarching goal of this project is to contribute to the development of a strong and internationally competitive APV industry in Sweden, with agriculture maintained. This will be accomplished by developing unique tools for the optimal design, simulation, optimization, and location of agrivoltaic systems and by building a unique dataset for the implementation and operation of agrivoltaic systems.

Project manager at MDU: Pietro Campana

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation

Detta projekt kommer att leda till förbättrad förvaltning av vattenkraftsektorn, ökad vattenkraftproduktion och förbättrad beredskap för extrema väderhändelser. Detta kommer ytterligare att bidra till Sveriges nollutsläppsmål och hjälpa samhället att utveckla bättre klimatreducerande och anpassningsstrategier.

Project manager at MDU: Pietro Campana

Main financing: Vinnova