How do I register for an exam, apply for a degree or if I am not satisfied with a decision? Here you will find rules and instructions that can help you before and during an examination.

There are instructions and templates for how to write degree projects and reports at MDU.

Everything you need to know before, during and after your exam.

Before taking a degree as a student, you must do an independent piece of work, known as a degree project, or exjobb as it’s often called in Swedish. A degree project could be an assignment at a place of work, or an essay.

When your studies have been completed you may apply for a degree certificate, which certifies that you have acquired knowledge and skills through your studies within a certain field and up to a certain level.

If you are dissatisfied with a decision taken by MDU you always have the right to request that the University reviews the decision.

Information linked to student projects and GDPR

As a student you will need to make use of various sources that are covered by copyright. For example, a person who creates a computer program, takes a photograph or writes an essay is the author of that work. In normal cases the author owns the copyright of the work created.

There are a lot of students who cheat but who actually are not aware of it. Cheating can result in suspension so as a student it is a good idea to know what counts as cheating.