The Student Centre

Welcome to the Student Centre! Here’s where you can come with all your questions. If we can’t give you an answer straight away we’ll find out or tell you where you can go.

Where to find us:

Eskilstuna: Hamngatan 15, ground floor.

Västerås: Universitetsplan 1, U block, level 1, ground floor.

Opening hours:

E-mail: studenttorget@mdu.se
Telephone: 021–10 13 10

Telephone hours

Monday–Thursday: 08–16
Friday: 08–15

Visiting hours

Monday–Thursday: 08–16
Friday: 08–14

Different opening times

Thursday 25 April, closed from 11.45 (due to staff meeting)
Friday 3 May, closed (due to staff education)

Parking permits for the spring semester (VT24) are now available at Studenttorget. It gives you a reduced fee on the car parks at MDU's campus in Västerås.

You must come in person to Studenttorget and show your ID to get the permit.

Permits for the academic year HT23 are valid until 31 January.

How to use the parking permit

Place the permit in the front window of the car with the term markings clearly visible. If you have forgotten it, you must pay the normal rate at the parking machine or according to Aimo Park's instructions on the information sign.

Please note that there are different operators for the car parks around the university and a purchased ticket is only valid for the intended car park. This means that a ticket purchased from Aimo Park, for example, is only valid in the Aimo Park car park.

Take care of your parking permit - it is a valuable document!

The Student Centre

This is what you can get help with at the Student Centre

  • Get answers to general questions about for example admissions, exams and other things concerning your studies.
  • Get in touch with the Schools.
  • Collect your exam papers. Bear in mind that it can take a few days from getting your result before the exam paper arrives at the Student Centre.
  • Collect forms.
  • Get a PIN code to reset your password.
  • Buy compendiums.
  • Get information about printing and copying.
  • Make an appointment with a study adviser.
  • Collect a permit for the student car park.
  • Get access to a guest account.
  • Find mislaid items.
  • … and lots, lots more.

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Student Health Care

At the Student Health Care you, as a student, can come to get advice and support in health matters. Here wellness coaches and counsellors work so that you can stay as healthy as possible during your period of study.

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Study technique

As a student at MDU, you have the opportunity to meet a study coach. No question is too big or too small.

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Study Guidance

If you have any questions about your choice of study and the labour market you can contact one of the University’s study counsellors.

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Studying with disabilities

There are several types of support and adaptations available if you have a permanent disability or another type of disability while you are studying.

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Study abroad

Look around the world. As a student at MDU there are opportunities for studies abroad. This means that you can do a semester or an academic year abroad at an HEI (higher education institution) with which MDU has an exchange agreement. You can also apply for a study place abroad by yourself.

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Schedules and Academic calendar

Here you'll find information about your schedule and Academic calendar. Note that some date, time and local changes can still occur. Keep an eye on the schedule page for the current schedule.

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In some situations during your studies you might need to fill out and submit an application form. To make it easier for you we’ve gathered the forms in one place.

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Contact the Student Centre

Email: studenttorget@mdu.se

Telephone: +46 (0)21-10 13 10