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New student  

Congratulations on making a good choice. An exciting time is about to start and the opportunities are plenty. Here are some things to keep in mind in order to get the best possible start as a student at MDU.

You can follow the steps below if you already have a Swedish personal ID number.

No Swedish personal ID number?

Please visit our page for new international students

To new international student

1. Accept your study programme or course

Once you have received your admission decision, you must accept your admission on antagning.se before you can register. If you change your mind about your study choice, you must cancel your application on antagning.se. Thereby, you will allow another applicant to take your place. If you are admitted without having to submit a response, you can skip this point and move on to point 2.

2. Create a student account

If you have been admitted and have accepted a course or programme at antagning.se (universityadmissions.se) you will need a student account to be able to log in to computers, email and other IT services. If you start your studies with us during the summer 2022, you can order your student account now. If you start your studies with us in the autumn semester of 2022, you can order your student account from 8 August. During the first few days, it may take up to 6 hours for your account to be created.

3. Register

If you are admitted to a course or programme, you must register yourself, otherwise you will lose your place. Registration for the 2022 autumn semester opens on 8 August. For courses that start later in the semester, registration opens one week before the start of the course and closes on Sunday the same week. If you are admitted to a programme, you must register for the course(s) on the programme, and then you will automatically be registered on the programme and your place is secure. If you have been admitted after the end of the registration period, you can email studenttorget@mdu.se to get help with registration. Remember to provide your correct contact details when you register and ensure that your phone number and email are up to date throughout your studies.

4. Order MDU card

The MDU card is a personal card that you use to enter the campus, the University premises and to be able to print. It is also a travel pass for the free buses that run between the Eskilstuna and Västerås campuses. If you need an MDU card, you can order it after you have registered, but no earlier than two (2) weeks before the start of the course.

5. Introduction

Welcome to our introduction which contains both important information regarding your study time at MDU but also things that will make your new life as a student easier.

6. Start of programmes and courses

The autumn semester 2022 starts on 22 August and on 29 August. The summer courses starts 6 June and 20 June. Using the link below, you can search for your course or programme for information about location and times. If you are a programme student, you will have both the start of the programme and the course. Information about which courses are included in your programme can be found in your programme timetable or in Ladok.

7. Student website

On the student website you will find more information about your studies on the programme and course or if you are going to study remotely. Here you can also find information about course syllabuses with reading lists, timetables and the platforms and systems that you as a student will use during your studies.

Support during your studies

Study Advisors

If you have any questions about your choice of studies and the labour market, you may contact one of our study advisors.

Help with planning your studies

The Student Centre

The Student Centre will help you with all types of questions. If their staff is unable to give an immediate answer, they will tell you where to go to get more information.

The Student Centre

Your study environment

It’s important to us that you have the opportunity to influence your study environment and also that you get the support you need during your period of study.

Study environment

Mälardalen Student Union

Mälardalen Student Union (MDS) is the official student union at MDU. Together with MDS, we work to ensure that all students have the best possible study experience through student involvement.

Mälardalen Student Union

Study technique

With a good study technique your chances of succeeding with your studies will increase. Good study habits will help you not only to learn new things but also to keep away stress.

Study technique

Get started with your studies

Student accounts and registration

Remember to create a student account and register yourself. If you are admitted to a course or a programme you have to register, otherwise you will lose your place.

Welcome as a new student

Courses within your programme

Find out what courses are included in your programme. You can do this with the help of your programme timetable. Search for your programme by entering the name or programme code.

Course overview for programmes

Course literature

Find out what course literature you will need to manage your studies. You can do this with the help of the course syllabus. Search for your course syllabus by entering the course name or course code.

Find your syllabus

Events at MDU