Rooms and group rooms at MDU

On our campuses you will find a variety of rooms and spaces that you as a student can use for your studies. Group rooms, open study areas and computer rooms with certain types of software are some examples. There are also student centres where you can heat your food.

Computer rooms

As a student you have access to several different computer rooms, depending on your School affiliation. You may use the rooms on Mondays to Sundays between 07:00 and 22:00. You will need your university card and code to get in. Please bear in mind that certain computer rooms may be booked for teaching purposes.

If you discover any faults in the computer room, please contact Helpdesk:
Telephone: 016 - 15 51 50. Email: helpdesk@mdu.se

Booking group rooms

As a student you may book group rooms at MDU free of charge. Log in with your student account and select the tab ”Resursbokning” (Resource booking) Bear in mind that:

  • you may book 7 days in advance
  • you may book a maximum of 2 sessions per day (4 hours) and a total of 8 sessions (16 hours)
  • if the room is not in use 15 minutes into the time booked, it is open for others to use. This 15-minute rule does not apply to group rooms booked for teaching purposes
  • cancel the room booking if you are not going to use it
  • everyone in the room is to ensure that it is kept clean and tidy.

Mobile app for schedule and resource booking

MDU have an official mobile app for schedule and resource booking, Kronox. With the mobile app you can search for your course schedules and book group rooms.

Mobile app is mirrored to the schedule on the web which means that it is always up to date. You search for your course schedules, and if you log-in, you can save your schedules. You can also use the resource booking for example book group rooms. If you are in a hurry and just need to find your schedule fast, you do not sign in, you will find your schedule anyway! The mobile app is called Kronox and is available on iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Download the app from the iTunes App Store External link.

Download the app from Google Play External link.

Search schedule External link.

Do you have trouble downloading the KronoX mobile app?

Some android mobile phones that have a newer android version can not download the KronoX mobile app. If the KronoX mobile app can not be downloaded, we refer you to search for your schedule and book group rooms via MDU’s website. During the autumn semester, KronoX will be replaced, a result of that, the existing version of the KronoX mobile app will not be updated.

Open study areas

In all the buildings on MDU's campuses in Eskilstuna and Västerås there are open areas for studies, some with electricity and network sockets. You do not need to book these study areas in advance.

Quiet Room

The Quiet Room is a place for students or staff to retire for a while and take a break from the daily bustle. The room is open to everyone regardless of belief or view of life. It is important that the Quiet Room is felt to be a place for everybody. The room may not be booked for gatherings; it is open for everybody at all times of the day.

Here’s where to find the Quiet Room:

  • Västerås: R block on floor 2
  • Eskilstuna: Room B3-007 on floor 3


There are a number of kitchens where students can warm up and eat the food they have brought with them. Here’s where to find the kitchens:

  • Eskilstuna: floor1 och 3
  • Västerås: U block, ground floor; R block, ground floor

Maps of the premises

Find the right venue with the help of the maps.

The Student Centre

If you need help, please contact the Student Centre at