Manage student account

The student account gives you access to the University’s student computers, the student portal, the learning platform Canvas and the student email. The student account consists of a user ID and password as well as your student email.

On the Account managing page you can:

  • create your student account
  • change your password
  • edit your personal details
  • read your student emails.

Remember to change your password at regular intervals, at least once a year. You’ll receive an email about when your password is due to expire.

Create or manage your student account External link.

How long does my student account last for?

Your student account is valid for four semesters from when you last registered for a course. After this your account will be automatically terminated. Log in to your student account if you want to have information about when your account is due to be terminated.

If you have documents/files/emails that you wish to save you must copy these to your own storage media before your account is terminated. Once the account has expired it will not be possible to retrieve and any documents, files or emails.

The Student Centre

If you have any questions about your student account please contact the Student Centre: