Get experience by doing a degree project

Before taking a degree as a student, you must do an independent piece of work, known as a degree project, or exjobb as it’s often called in Swedish. A degree project could be an assignment at a place of work, or an essay.

A degree project is a good way to make contact with future employers and get valuable experience for your CV.

Where can I do my degree project? If you want to make contact with companies, organisations or municipalities where you can do your degree project, there are several alternatives:

  1. Look for degree projects in MDU's degree project database.

  2. Visit the degree project days which are arranged by MDU three times per academic year. During the degree project days MDU representatives from the private and public sectors are invited, and they bring along degree project assignments with them. You yourself can also suggest assignments or subjects for an essay.
  3. Contact an employer yourself and suggest an assignment. In that case you need to read up about the company first to get information about their needs. Then you can present what you can contribute, why your skills are needed, and how the results of your degree project can benefit the company.

Procedures for degree projects and essays may look a little different depending on what you are studying. You can get information from your School about what applies for your particular study programme. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact a study adviser.

Thesis and degree project days

Every autumn, MDU arranges two thesis and degree project days for students. One event takes place in Eskilstuna and one in Västerås.

Study Guidance

If you have any questions about your choice of study and the labour market you can contact one of the University’s Study Advisors.

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