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Certifiable Evidences and Justification Engineering

ChiP - Children’s rights to health, protection, promotion and participation

Co-production research in health and welfare

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Having an income and indebtednes

Health-promotion engineering


Industrial Software Engineering

Information Design

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Model-Based Engineering of Embedded Systems

Normcritical perspectives in the research into social vulnerability


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Prolonged independent life

Resource efficiency


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Software Testing Laboratory

Stochastic Processes, Statistics and Financial Engineering

Sustainable lifestyle and health from a public health perspective

Sustainable working life

Transformative Management

Behavioral medicine, health and lifestyle (BeMe-Health)

Language Studies and Comparative Literature including Subject Didactics

Algebra and Analysis with applications

Artificial Intelligence och Intelligent Systems

Automated Software language and Software engineering

STARK - Evaluation of the content of a web tool aimed to identify early markers related to fall risk among middle-aged people

The aim of the STARK project is to develop the basis for an eHealth tool with the potential to give individuals and healthcare providers this control.






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