Medical and health engineering

Health-promotion engineering

Our focus is to use an interdisciplinary approach by advancing state-of-the-art for technologies providing personalized health advice. We digitalize health advice based on best-practice and current research for selected health related challenges, adapt and develop new methods to be able to collect and process objective and subjective data from users and integrate relevant behavior change strategies to be able to provide personalized advice for health improvements.


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Ongoing research projects

The objective of the project is to get a better understanding of measuring techniques to monitor physiological parameters regarding lung function, by integrating sensors solutions that include analyze and see the possibility to use this sensor solutions as biofeedback to be able to provide comprehensive insights to patients regarding their health status and improve adherence to self-management strategies outside clinical settings.

Project manager at MDU: Azadeh Ghajarjazy

Main financing: Center för välfärdsförändring

The objective of the PRE-fall project is to develop an E-health application and sensor solutions enabling the detection of early deteriorations in physical ability which are related to an increased fall risk, and to decrease the risk through the provision of personalized support. The sensor solutions and user interfaces are developed in user-centered iterative design processes.

Project manager at MDU: Annica Kristoffersson

Main financing: The Knowledge Foundation