Prolonged independent life

PFA – support for persons' with intellectual disability for increased participation in everyday life

The educational innovation Pedagogical approaches and practices (PFA) is based on the interaction between Eskilstuna municipality and Mälardalen University that began in 2010. The previous collaboration has included a pilot / interventional study reports (2011; 2013) and a book (2015).

Parallel to the collaboration has Eskilstuna in training introduced PFA practice into all care and support activities for people with intellectual disabilities. The work has been successful and has attracted strong national interest (bookselling and national export of education; 750 books have been sold, 230 employees and 20 managers have been trained in PFA) and also a growing European interest. This project applies further collaboration in documenting and evaluating the PFA in the international scientific community (so-called peer review) in an international scientific publication and that the shared knowledge and experience to create an implementation and evaluation model for PFA.






Project manager at MDU

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The planned international scientific publication, and tha shared knowledge and experience to create an implementation and the related evaluation model for PFA, will be implemented in cooperation between Christine Gustafsson (MDH), Marie Skoghill (Development Manager Eskilstuna), Anders Lindström and Karin Löwenborg (developers in Eskilstuna municipality).

The project involves the creation of scientific evidence (scientific article) and to provide support in efforts to design an implementation and evaluation model for increased opportunities for better development, dissemination and expansion of the municipal education activities within the PFA. In addition the integration of an active researcher in the municipal care and support to persons with intellectual disability.