Health and Welfare

Prolonged independent life

The number of older people and people with disabilities who have care needs is increasing, at the same time as the shortage of staff is growing. This means challenges in health care and care and social service organizations, as well as increased efforts by, for example, carers and the voluntary sector.

The introduction and use of health and welfare technology has a central role in facilitating the challenges of today and tomorrow and helping to promote a prolonged independent life for people with current or future care needs.


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The research group conducts research and research-related activities in:

  • conditions for a prolonged independent life
  • loneliness and social isolation
  • health and welfare technology
  • care and nursing for older people with cognitive illness / dementia
  • older people's perspective on care and nursing
  • risk of falling and malnutrition in care and nursing homes
  • relative support
  • working conditions in elderly care

The research takes place to a large extent in collaboration / co-production with the target groups, industry and staff in health care and social services.

The research group aims to increase the opportunities for, and support, a prolonged independent life and to contribute to the research base in the university's various educations in health and welfare.

Ongoing research projects