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Industry in change and the local society: the consequences and opportunities of digitalization

The aim is to spread findings and knowledge from previous research from the steel industry to other local actors. With this communication project, the possibilities can be increased for different social actors, in collaboration, to learn from the experiences and lessons learned from the challenges the industry I facing.






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The research-based knowledge that we want to spread is mainly based on a completed project within the strategic innovation program Metallic materials, DAO (Digitalized work and organization). The DAO project generated rich insights on the opportunities and challenges that exist when an industrial company digitilizes its production. In particular, the project shows that digitalization is not a purely technical issue, but that successful digitalization requires that you handle both technical and organizational issues at the same time, and thus digitalization can be understood as a process where people and technology interact.

In the project Industry in change and the local community: the consequences and opportunities of digitalization, we aim to spread the knowledge to local actors who are involved in community building. We see that digitization changes the conditions for the local communities and their development. Industries that have been central to the local communities are changing and their relationship with society and community building is changing. There are big questions about which jobs are disappearing, what skills are needed, how the industry will work with its social responsibility for the neighboring society, etc. These issues should be included in future social construction processes, in the digital age in Sweden. In the project, we can contribute with knowledge of important aspects that should be communicated to a wide range of actors involved in community building in a broad sense.