Industrial Economics and Management

NOMP-group – New Organisation and Management Practices

In our research we aim at co-creating cross-boundary knowledge about organising processes with the purpose of contributing to responsible organisational, managerial and working life transitions.

In so doing we explore contemporary organisational challenges related, but not limited to different forms of management, gender and diversity, urban sustainability, leadership, the changing nature of work, and the implementation of new technologies.

We are informed by critical knowledge creation approaches that enable a re-familiarisation of phenomena otherwise taken for granted. Examples of such approaches include sociomaterial perspectives, practice theory, posthumanism, discourse theory and other interpretative approaches. In our work, we advance engaged scholarly practices collaboratively with actors in and outside of academia, in close proximity to practice, and with the ambition of including a plurality of voices.



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Affiliated researchers

Ongoing research projects

The purpose of the project is to, through qualitative studies, explore the readiness for the introduction of, and the state of knowledge around, AI in HR work in Swedish companies today. The project addresses two practical areas: how HR professionals feel that their own work is affected by the introduction of AI in operations and how HR professionals approach the assessment of how the work of others will be affected by AI.

Project manager at MDU: Eva Lindell

Main financing: AFA försäkring

The purpose is to develop a deeper understanding of how meetings are changing as we enter a post-digital era, and the consequences of such changes for the role of meetings in community-building

Project manager at MDU: Lucia Crevani

Main financing: Riksbankens Jubileumsfond