Renewable Energy

BBChina – A master course devoted to the whole bioenergy and biochemicals chain

The project BBChina aims to establish a master course fully devoted to the whole bioenergy and biochemicals chain in three partner countries of higher education institutions (HEIs) of China. The master program “From the Field to Bioenergy, Biofuel and Biochemicals” will be a common and advanced interdisciplinary master program where the complex biomass chain is deeply analysed until the output of the biorefinery, to the bioenergy production, to the biofuel utilisation as well as to the integration with other Renewable Energy Sources.

Project manager at MDU

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Description of the project

The six universities involved, three from Europe and three from China, will with their team of experts cooperate to develop and promote the master, specifically targeted to Chinese students and teachers with the aim to define an ad hoc curriculum. The project will establish an international advisory board, where representatives from professional and scientific sectors of China and Europe will be invited to support decisions, dissemination actions and to assess the developed syllabus and course curriculum.

  • About 18 academic members per each Chinese HEI will travel to Europe for a ten days study and training tour in order to share experience and knowledge, improve their competencies and skills in the sector, as well as learn state-of-the-art new teaching methodologies.
  • Each partner country's HEI will select and enroll at least 15 students that will take part to the first edition of the master program. The students of the first edition will take part to 14 days of Mobility in Europe.
  • Further 45 students will be enrolled, within the project running, for the second edition of the course.
  • New lab equipment will be acquired in order to set up premises fit to the new course’s needs.
  • Training activities will be held to trigger and encourage students towards young entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • A devoted e-learning platform will be developed in English to support students, both providing teaching and training materials and tools, and promoting discussion and dissemination forums.
  • Support training will train students in the principles of entrepreneurship, with a special focus on how to set up a new activity/enterprise in the field of bioenergy in China and in Europe, and how to deal with the global green market.


Project aim

A master course on Biobased Economy will build the capacity of the new generation of Chinese students to face the incoming energy and environment challenges; the international background will allow them to successfully operate both at local and global level. The up to date curriculum will improve the quality of higher education, and the partnership between EU and China will most probably be the ground for new collaborations in E&T and R&D.

This research relates to the following sustainable development goals