Solar Energy Research Center Sweden Sverige (SOLVE)

SOLVE is a consortium of universities and public/private sector partners performing collaborative, needs-driven research projects aiming at rapid expansion of solar energy in the Swedish electric grid.

Funding in SEK:
5 million (36, 5 million in total)



Planned completion


Research group

Project manager at MDU

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The research projects in SOLVE are divided across seven interwoven "themes", focusing on different aspects of the expansion of PV electricity into the Swedish energy system. The research projects are primarily carried out by PhD students with supervision and mentoring from across the consortium. Shorter projects involving master students and senior researchers are also operated SOLVE is one of 11 new centres of excellence supported by the Swedish Energy Agency. The activities in SOLVE are funded in equal parts by the academic partners, the public/private sector partners and by the Swedish Energy Agency.

External project members:
Uppsala University (coordinating partner), Statens Landsbruksuniversitet (SLU), Karlstad University, Dalarna University and Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE). The director is Marika Edoff and deputy director Jonathan Scragg, both at Uppsala University.z

Vision and goal

The vision of SOLVE is to build strong partnerships between Swedish researchers and a broad base of stakeholders in the area of solar electricity - from product developers to system owners, from grid operators to regional governments, aiming to:

  • Generate knowledge to promotes and sustains the growth of PV markets in Sweden.
  • Disseminate this knowledge across the wider network of actors in the PV area.
  • Foster the education of competent people with g- ood connections to business and industry.

Activities within the project:

  • Advanced PV technology
  • Building integration
  • Enhance PV systems
  • Land sharing
  • Economics and business models
  • Planning for large scale expansion
  • Sustainability.