Preparing professionals for social transformation triggered by the use and development of AI applications

Researching educational needs connected to AI development with a focus on ethics and equality

The rapid development of AI, especially generative AI in the form of deep learning neural networks and Large Language Models, with broad application across many areas of society, places great demands on higher education institutions.

Project manager at MDU

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Across different disciplines and areas of society, people need to be prepared to live in an AI-enmeshed world. What educational tools are needed to meet the challenges presented by rapid AI development? What pedagogical competencies do university teachers need to teach, use, and critically evaluate AI in relation to their subject, and their own teaching? Because MDU has internationally recognised research on AI, there are opportunities to build upon this in researching educational needs connected with AI development with a focus on ethics and equality (see also Grande et al., 2024). There is also a connection with the educational strand in the AI@MDU strategic initiative.