Industrial AI Systems

ProPlan - Smart production planning at city and regional level

The purpose of the project is to develop optimal ways towards smart production planning for resilient energy systems.



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Balance between supply and demand constitutes a major objective for the electricity grid. Decentralization of power systems, combined with the emerging penetration of renewables renders grid balancing a highly complex and inherently uncertain operational optimization problem.

The project ProPlan, as part of RESILIENT Competence Center, aims to introduce smart production planning at city and regional level. The project will make use of available data streams across the grid and develop advanced forecasting models based on AI for all units of a power system, including supply, demand, and market parameters. The project will incorporate the forecasters into optimal control architectures aiming at resilient production planning under uncertainty. The impact of energy storage, microgrids, as well as interaction with heating system on the optimization problem will be quantified. The potential of integrated approach will be demonstrated for the power system of Södermanland and Västmanland regions. Scenarios will include unit commitment problems, balancing during commencement and termination of contracts, optimal operating strategies for different levels of storage technology, renewable penetration, and industrial expansion in the region.

Project objective

  • Forecasting under uncertainty for energy systems
  • AI and smart control for resilient production planning
  • Integration of energy storage (hydrogen, batteries, thermal storage)
  • Interaction between power and thermal grid and waste heat recovery - Microgrids and major prosumers as part of production planning
  • Optimal management of unit commitment