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NURED Nurse education Development - homecare

We are developing 2 CuriCula (CC) in Home Care Nurse/Nurse(HCN/RN) education in BSR, by: 1) surveying and designing new CC, 2) to train teachers in the new CC, 3) evaluate and publish results. Problems are common and the developed CC are created together in consortium. We survey HCN/RN education.






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Surveys will cover experienced deficiency in their education, occup. factors, educational impact, ICT skills, eLearning and professional beliefs. We shall improve existing CC to better prepare HCN/nurse students in future work to improve their skills in: HCN elderly care, care of people with intellectual disability and HCN teamwork. All project activities have aim to illuminate the value, importance/satisfaction in education, working in this field, highlight self-directed learning, lifelong learning, developed edu. level for professional HCNs, for a better recruitment.

Based on survey designed CC implemented in existing education, with a pedagogical approach, picking up student’s resources, motivation, skills. The renewed CC: will also have approach of ICT, distance learning platforms. Target groups are HCN students; SWE, EST, FIN and LAT n=150 VET school students in each country(2 CC). Students,n= 600, 150/country and 400 post graduated HCNs surveyed. Result of the project will be future HCN/nurse students with improved: a)team work/ professional skills between HCN and RN (8 SP), c) ICT solutions and skills, e-learning/distance learning (5 SP), d) stress/time management, psycosocial work, ergonomics (3 SP). Graduated students will be prepared to use their own resources,are motivated, have higher self esteem, have new skills in education and at future work, leading to efficient studies and preparedness for life long learning.

Developed education CC will have impact on decreased drop-outs, reduced stress, improved professional skills, motivated students,professional commitment. Evaluation of new CC will be done among students.

This research relates to the following sustainable development goals