Programme-specific research projects

Mathematics teacher education research at MDU

Currently, work on making MDU’s teacher education for the foundation and intermediate phases more practice based by linking representations, analysis, and rehearsal of teaching is underway. This work is headed by Maria Larsson.



Project manager at MDU

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Within teacher education, the independent research project is highly under-researched topic, as are the connections with research throughout the programmes. We are conducting a small international comparison on the research connections in teacher education.

The research school REMATH is represented at MDU by two doctoral students, Beatrice Björkskog and Daniel Östberg, and is headed up by Iben Christiansen.

The challenges of implementing ambitious teaching are well documented nationally and internationally, in particular for mathematics education. Staff members at MDU have developed mathematics teaching materials based on this research. It is well known that teachers tend to develop most during their second year in the profession, but too little is known about how they go about developing their own practice and the role of textbook materials in supporting this development. In extension of existing work at MDU, this theme will research how teachers interested in developing their teaching utilise existing resources designed to facilitate ambitious teaching and research, as well as how teacher education prepares teachers for continued development of practice. This combined research and development project is carried out by Linda Wickström, Linda Lie, Anette Eriksson, and Daniel Brehmer.