Programme-specific research project

At MDU, we engage in the study of higher education learning and teaching within professional degree programmes, in particular teacher education, engineering education, and health educatio


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Ongoing research projects

This project directs attention to questions of social identity along with the formation of professional knowledge, practice and identities, as well as inclusion, exclusion, and communication among diverse student groups in engineering education.

Currently, work on making MDU’s teacher education for the foundation and intermediate phases more practice based by linking representations, analysis, and rehearsal of teaching is underway. This work is headed by Maria Larsson.

Project manager at MDU: Iben Christiansen

This project falls within science and technology teacher education, and investigates how knowledge about how to teach for sustainability and social justice is privileged, negotiated, and transformed in science and technology teacher education policy, practice, and during teachers’ first year in school.

Project manager at MDU: Johanna Larsson