Health and Welfare

ChiP - Children’s rights to health, protection, promotion and participation

The goal of the research group ChiP (Children’s protection, prevention, promotion & participation) is to contribute towards and enhance knowledge regarding the right of children, young people, parents and families to equality in health and participation.




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The group’s research is based on two perspectives:

  • Children’s and young people’s perceptions, opinions and thoughts about, experience and experiences of, as well as wishes and actions in their lives.
  • Adults’ understanding of how children and young people perceive and act in their lives.

This research is conducted by systematising existing knowledge as well as identifying and filling in knowledge gaps within the area. The group contributes further by transforming existing knowledge in practice by intervention studies, collaboration and co-production.


External researchers in the project:

Ongoing research projects

The aim is to explore the (inter)cultural understanding of school nurses and school social workers and the impact this may have on their interaction with students.

Project manager at MDU: Jonas Stier

Main financing: MDU

The aim of this project is to examine inequalities in the city from an intersectional perspective, by focusing on young women living in marginalised suburban areas.

Project manager at MDU: Sara Ferlander

Main financing: Vetenskapsrådet

The overall aim of this project is to develop and evaluate an intervention to promote time processing ability and daily time management in preschool children 5- 6 years with cognitive disabilities.

Project manager at MDU: Sara Ahlström

Main financing: Centrum för Klinisk Forskning Region Dalarna, Stiftelsen Norrbacka – Eugenia, Stiftelsen Sunnerdahls Handikappfond och Sveriges Arbetsterapeuter

Syftet med forskningsprojektet är att utvärdera effekten av PYC genom en RC T-studie kompletterad med processdata och kvalitativ utvärdering av föräldrarnas och barnens perspektiv.

Project manager at MDU: Lena Almqvist

Main financing: FORTE

Forskningsprogrammet förväntas leda till ökad kunskap om hur delaktighet och psykisk hälsa är relaterade. Dessutom studeras hur barn och föräldrar är involverade i åtgärdsarbetet och relateras till de åtgärder som görs för at förbättra psykisk hälsa. Kunskapen skagenerera ett underlag för åtgärder för att förbättra barns och ungdomars psykiska hälsa. Underlaget ska gälla både åtgärder för att förbättra psykisk hälsa och åtgärder som ökar barns och föräldrars delaktighet i åtgärdsprocessen.

Project manager at MDU: Lena Almqvist

Main financing: Vetenskapsrådet (VR)

The overall aim of this research programme is to develop, evaluate and explore the use of a counselling tool called the reproductive life plan (RLP) in preconception health and care in Sweden.

Project manager at MDU: Magdalena Mattebo