Student­ ambassador

As a student ambassador, you represent the university at various events by, among other things, telling about MDU and the programmes that are conducted, what it is like to study and your personal experiences of your choice of study.

As a student ambassador, you become, among other things, a kind of a marketer of the university and our educational offer. Mainly for prospective students but also in other contexts.

The assignments can take different forms. You can work with several of them or specialise in something in particular. State in your application what you are interested in.

Job description

The most common assignments as a student ambassador:

  • Stand at various fairs, visits to upper secondary schools and other events and tell about MDU and the educations that are conducted, what it is like to study here and your personal experiences about your choice of study.
  • Work as an online ambassador and answer questions in chat.
  • Participate in digital activities.
  • Work practically with the actual implementation of our fairs and events.
  • Host external visits such as research conferences or collaboration partners.

How it works

The different assignments require different personal qualities. To apply, you need to study an ongoing education at MDU (programme) and be Swedish-speaking (fluent in speech and writing). As a person, you must be responsible and energetic.

You decide which times you can work based on your study schedule, but you are expected to be able to work at least once a month, with the exception of summer breaks.

As a student ambassador you are expected to work at least once a month if you are up for physical or digital events, and as as online ambassador on average 1 hour/week and respond to chat messages within 24 hours. You’ll be hourly employed and you report your hours in Primula. The contractual payment is 120 SEK/hour. You need to have a Swedish personal ID number or a coordination number.

I’m interested!

To apply you must be a student at Mälardalen University (MDU) and have come some way in your education. At this point we are looking for you who are studying a programme.