Jobs and future

86 percent of MDU's students have a job in the field they have been studying one year after graduating. This is a record number compared with other HEIs in the country. If you find out while you’re still studying what you want to work with, the chances of getting your dream job will increase.

Find job vacancies here

A summer job, part-time job, traineeship or permanent employment? You can find job vacancies in MDU's job database, where employers post information. If you are a student or former student, you are welcome to apply.

Thesis and degree project days

During the thesis and degree project days, students will get the opportunity to meet companies, organisations and public bodies that offer degree projects and theses, which can be conducted with them.

As a student you can also prepare and propose assignments or subjects for a thesis yourself, which you wish to conduct at a company or organisation.

Make use of your knowledge at Idélab

At Idélab you can get help, as a student or employee, to make use of your knowledge. Perhaps you’re wondering what you’re going to do after your studies or are dreaming about setting up your own business? At Idélab you will get access to a business coach who’ll support you and give you advice and tips throughout the entire process, regardless of whether it’s about an idea you want to develop for a company or to build up your personal trademark for your working life.

Seven tips on how you can gain experience as a student

Mostafa Saleh, former student ambassador at MDU, shares his top tips on how to gather experience as a student.

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10 tips to boost your CV

Here are ten tips on how your CV can turn you into a real bestseller.

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10 tips ahead of the job interview

Here are tips for you on how to land that dream job.

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How to write a really good job application

We can help you work out what to do and which pitfalls you should avoid.

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Writer's cramp? How to get help

These are simple tricks that you can test if you also find that you are getting stuck.

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Why don't we keep in touch?

If you have studied at MDU, you are an alumni and you are always warmly welcome back to the University. There are many benefits with continuing to be a part of MDU, even when you have finished studying. For example, you will get invited to inspirational lectures and alumni meet-ups, which can help broaden your network and contribute to your personal development.

You can also collaborate with the University by lecturing, becoming a mentor or recruiting students for placements or degree projects for instance. There are many possibilities.

Former students and what they are doing today

“I’m a proud alumnus of MDU”

Erik Lehikoinen studied International Business Management at Mälardalen University (MDU). He is based in Helsinki but current business endeavors take him around the world.

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“I think marketing is interesting as a career as we are surrounded by it in our daily lives”

Mark Philips, former student of International Marketing at Mälardalen University, has based his career on software marketing for international companies.

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“MDU introduced me to international cooperation”

Emelie Borrman, an alumna of the International Marketing Programme (IMF), was looking for an education that provided international experiences, where she also had the flexibility to shape her study time based on her interests.

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