Higher education, practice, and development

Developing integrated approaches to broadening participation

Within this theme, practical projects in close collaboration with teaching staff will be pursued, combined with research on the nature of pedagogical achievement and scholarship of teaching and learning, and research on current pedagogical challenges.



Project manager at MDU

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This link across applied and theoretical perspectives is crucial, because good practices in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning require “the intentional and rigorous application of research tools that connect the question at the heart of a particular inquiry to student learning” (Felten, 2013, p. 123). For instance, it is relevant to consider the assumptions about students built into existing teaching, both with respect to content learning and relevant professional and academic literacies; and what this may mean to content selection, sequencing, and pedagogy. Similarly, it is relevant to consider the inherent dilemmas of professionalising support for students’ learning and development of academic literacies.