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Transforma: Transformative Management

Are you passionate about contributing towards or learning more about the needed conditions for sustainable societal, environmental, and technical transformations? If so, welcome to the research environment Transformative Management – a community of committed researchers interested in cross-disciplinary research and education. Here, we showcase ongoing projects, research findings, teaching engagement and industry collaboration. We invite you to join us as a partner in driving positive change.



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We are rooted in diverse theoretical and methodological approaches with a common interest in the transformation of management as well as management for transformation. With common ground in the area of organization, leadership and business studies, our aim is to cultivate and maintain diversity, united by our shared interest in transformation as both a process and potential. We are interested in individual, organizational, societal, and international levels of analyses.

The purpose with Transforma is to create a research environment for researchers in organization and leadership interested in both social and ecological aspects of sustainability, transformation, change and the management of these. The research environment has its base in Region Mälardalen.

The objectives with Transformative Management research environment are research, teaching, as well as coproduction and dissemination of knowledge for sustainable transformation. Transforma, while initiated by and organizationally situated at the Department of Organization and Management, welcomes collaboration from other disciplines, both within MDU and beyond the university.


Transforma research articles

Ongoing research projects

Art: Ways of working across boundaries - policy lab for climate adaptation work in relation to changed precipitation patterns

Project manager: Silvia Bruzzone

Research area: The research group for studies in democracy, power and citizenship (DEM)

Main financing: FORMAS

Climate adaptation related to changing precipitation is prioritized because of the vulnerability this change entails, especially in terms of the risk of flooding. Climate adaptation work has begun, but new ways of working across organizational boundaries are required to involve all stakeholders in this complex work.

SCOSSA - Sector coupling in energy transitions as sociotechnical processes

Project manager: Silvia Bruzzone

Research area: The research group for studies in democracy, power and citizenship (DEM)

Main financing: Energymyndigheten

The objectives of the SCOSSA project is to develop new knowledge on how sector coupling in energy transition is actually done through the development of new sociotechnical practices.

Transformative Agents

Project manager: Magnus Hoppe

Research area: NOMP-group – New Organisation and Management Practices

The research focus is on what and how educators should teach to make people develop transformative capabilities and build action competence for societal transformation towards sustainability.

Ongoing research projects