Educational Sciences and Mathematics

M-TERM - Mälardalen University Team of Educational Researchers in Mathematics

The M-TERM research group conducts research in Mathematics Education. This group studies and develops, together with teachers and principals, mathematics education in compulsory school and upper secondary school. The purpose of this research is to develop classroom teaching and to contribute understanding of what steers and supports the work of the mathematics teacher.


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The researchers focus on three major research programmes:

  • Comparisons of mathematics teaching in different countries.
  • To develop mathematics teaching on a large scale.
  • Research-based teaching materials for rich mathematics education.

These projects deal for example with how the researchers, together with municipalities, can develop mathematics teaching on a large scale and on a long-term basis, develop research-based teaching material in mathematics, find out what opportunities for learning are created within the Mathematics Didactics project, and how digital technology can develop mathematics teaching.

The group cooperates with researchers nationally (for example Umeå University and Örebro University) and internationally (for example the University of Helsinki and the University of Pennsylvania).

Ongoing research projects

In recent decades, promising frameworks of critical features of high-quality teacher professional development (PD) programs have been proposed. However, recent studies have shown it to be remarkably difficult to affect instructional practices, even when the offered PD is designed in relation to such frameworks.

Project manager at MDU: Jannika Lindvall

Main financing: Swedish Research Council