Educational Sciences and Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics is a research group at MDU which focuses on developing research and research studies in Applied Mathematics. The purpose of this research is to develop existing and future technology.


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Areas of focus

  • Network analysis, ranking and classification of big data, mathematics behind the internet, information technology, biomathematics, bioinformatics, medical informatics, text mining, machine learning, graph theory and probability theory methods for the analysis of data.
  • calculation mathematics, numerical analysis, interpolation and approximation theory and optimisation.
  • Matrix analysis and algebra with applications.
  • Differential equations and difference equations with applications.
  • Mathematics in industry.

Within the group, cooperation with research and research groups takes place within other subjects at other HEIs and research institutes in Sweden and abroad. Collaboration with companies and participation in national and international networks concerning applications of mathematics takes place primarily within:

  • computer science, information technology, communication technology, embedded systems, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • physics, electrotechnology and electromagnetism
  • bioinformatics, ecology and biology, medicine and health engineering.

The group works actively with the publication of research articles and research findings in both national and international contexts and contributes towards developing both first-cycle and third-cycle studies in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics at MDU.

Ongoing research projects

The overall goal of this proposal is to explore (via numerical simulations and mathematical analysis) different possibilities of designing next generation seismic metamaterials to prevent the damages that ground vibrations, originating from earthquakes or daily transportation means such as railways, may have on buildings.

Main financing: Vetenskapsrådet