Research linked to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises play an important role in many of MDU's research projects. Therefore, in connection with the research part of the commissioned education, Growth engine, several empirical studies have been conducted in the form of surveys and interviews over previous years. These studies focus on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises based on various aspects, such as regional growth.

Below are some examples of research studies in which Small and Medium-sized Enterprises have participated, with a brief description of what kind of collaboration the companies were required to do. If your company is classified a small or Medium-sized Enterprise, and you have ideas about research projects or would like to know more about MDU's research, please contact Cecilia Erixon.

Develop digital services linked to sustainability for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Responsible researcher:
Cecilia Erixon, Senior Lecturer in Business Administration

“One of my research studies is about how SMEs focus on energy monitoring for property owners and develop digital services linked to sustainability. The digital services were developed in collaboration with the company's customers and subcontractors. Cooperation efforts with the customer and subcontractor was a prerequisite for the development of this service. Previous research has shown that SMEs, to a greater extent than large enterprises, collaborate more closely with several different parties to acquire the knowledge needed when, for example, new innovative digital services are to be developed.”

The focus of the research study:

“For this study, I studied collaboration between companies, customers and subcontractors from a network perspective to enhance our understanding of how this type of collaboration can contribute to digital services with a focus on sustainability and eco-innovation.”

This is how the companies participated:

“We interviewed several employees at different levels in the various companies involved in the study. In addition, we established a focus group where several employees with different positions at the company gathered and discussed issues around sustainability., We also participated as researchers in some of the meetings the company had with customers and subcontractors.”

Digital international business creation for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Responsible researcher:
Emilia Rovira Nordman, Associate Professor of International Marketing

“Digitalisation means untapped potential in many companies. Although most Swedish companies use digital tools for their administration, few companies use other digital solutions to develop international business. In fact, the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated certain aspects of digitalisation at Swedish companies, for example, additional digital meetings. Yet the question remains of what Swedish companies require to achieve long-term success with their digitalisation strategies. My research investigates how Swedish digital entrepreneurs can use digital marketing tools to be more successful in their international growth.”

The focus of the research study:

“My latest study on the retail industry demonstrated the importance for Swedish SMEs to find a way to differentiate themselves from other players to succeed with their international e-commerce. Swedish companies that have succeeded have worked hard to identify specific market niches and have been particularly good at managing digital communication with their customers. The study also showed that there is not only one specific way to design a successful e-commerce business model. Thus, SMEs must explore the options that work best for their specific products and brands.”

This is how the companies participated:

“My latest study is based on in-depth interviews with five case companies in the retail industry. In addition, we created a survey that was sent out to all retail companies with international sales in Sweden.”

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