Growth engine Advisory Board

The Growth engine Advisory Board is an advisory group to the commissioned education programme Growth engine .

The Growth engine Advisory Board must provide the organisation with feedback to enhance its content and further its development. This is done for instance by sharing information and talking about the programme to company members and partners. They also help to recruit participants to the programme and actively work with branding.

The members of the Growth engine Advisory Board include the following:

  • Our financiers: Eskilstuna municipality and Sparbanken Rekarne
  • Representatives from companies that have participated in the commissioned education programme, Growth engine 
  • Collaboration partners: Vilsta Företaggrupp, Agro Sörmland, MITC (Mälardalen Industrial Technical Center), Företagarna Eskilstuna-Torshälla
  • Representatives from the following Schools EST (School of Business, Society and Engineering) and IDT (School of Innovation, Design and Technology), as well as Idelab
  • Employees who work operationally with the programme

The Growth engine Advisory board

Andreas Frisk
CEO, Secor Security Doors and Chair of the commissioned Growth engine education’s Advisory Board

Anki Nyzell-Lindskog
Owner, ANL Ekonomi & Företagskonsult AB and representative of Vilstagruppen

Ann Nyström
CEO, Viaduct AB

Anna Bird

Cecilia Erixon
Senior Lecturer MDU, project participant and responsible for the research part of the Growth engine

Cilla Krantz
Senior Consultant, Agro Sörmland

Eva Maaninen-Olsson
Deputy head of The School and Collaboration Manager, EST at MDU

Fredrik Jeanson
Lecturer at MDU, responsible for the undergraduate education part of the commissioned education

Gabriella Mast-Weggeman
Process Manager of Growth engine

Hans Kindahl
Business support market, Sparbanken Rekarne

Jens Carlberg
Unit Manager, Business Development department, Eskilstuna municipality

Johan Kostela
Process Manager MITC

Mona Tjärnberg
Associate Professor of Innovation Technology, MDU

Tiina Kikerpuu
Collaboration Coordinator with a focus on SMEs, MDU