CEO and leadership programme

The commissioned education Growth engine is a business development programme with participants at different levels. This programme aims to enhance your leadership skills in a confidential environment, where you can gain new knowledge that can contribute to your own growth and personal development. This programme can support you in realising your next goal in the business world.

Through the CEO and leadership programme, you will gain valuable contacts at MDU, which often lead to collaboration with our students. You will also become up to date on current research topics and will have the opportunity to discuss everyday challenges and ideas with other business leaders in small and medium-sized companies. You may

participate in this programme regardless of which industry your company is involved in.

The CEO and leadership programme runs for approximately one year, during which we offer activities such as lectures on business planning and strategies. In addition, you will receive tools and can listen to recognised experts and business leaders.

This programme creates new knowledge through lectures from the Schools and industry and the participants' own experiences. Please note that the participants must sign a confidentiality agreement at the start of the programme to ensure a secure and safe learning environment in the group.

We will meet regularly and in smaller groups where you can get confidential support, solid advice and a knowledgeable network that can help you deal with everyday problems and tackle future challenges.

The CEO and leadership programme are available only in Swedish.

Previous participants give their views on the programme

Growth engine CEO and leadership programme was established in 2010 and has been running since then with more than 300 participants over the years. After the first year, 30 per cent of the participating companies had initiated cooperation with us. After three years this figure has doubled. The fact that 95 per cent of companies also state that they have improved their business strategy speaks volumes – Tillväxtmotorn breeds success.

“I’ve made new contacts and gained new knowledge from lectures and discussions with participants in the group.”

“I've got a better understanding of management and delegating.”

“I've been given tools in how the company can approach mental illness and I've seen how important soft skills are.”

“Thanks to the confidentiality guaranteed in the group I have felt safe and been able to discuss sensitive issues about the company.”

We are interested in those of you who are:

  • a company manager or have a senior position in your company
    (manager or middle managers)
  • a project manager
  • have a business that has been running for a couple of years
  • have a business that needs to grow
  • in a new, more responsible role in your company

Factors that lead to growth

  • Trust in a group over time: You will meet the same group of people during the year-long programme. This creates a feeling of trust and confidence in the group.
  • Confidentiality: Everyone who participates in the programme must sign a confidentiality agreement. This means that challenges and questions that are discussed stay in the group, something that creates a secure and safe learning and growth environment.
  • The mix: The programme contains theories, concrete tools, skills enhancement techniques and exchange of experiences. This allows you and the group to get the chance to evaluate and discuss different ideas and challenges together.
  • The Action by learning method: We learn more from what we do than what we hear. In the commissioned education for SMEs, Growth engine, you will have an opportunity to evaluate and get feedback on all parts of the CEO and leadership programme. Take it in – evaluate – get feedback – adjust.

Themes for lectures and meetings

  • CEO – role and responsibility
  • Leadership and management team
  • Effective Board work
  • Conflict management
  • Work environment
  • Product and service development
  • Brand strategy
  • Increased sales and marketing
  • Sales and markets
  • Sustainable economy
  • Sustainable environment
  • Mental training
  • Digitalisation
  • Knowledge of external monitoring
  • Project management
  • Internationalisation
  • Skills supply


For programmes that fall outside the regular activities of the University's education, external funding is required. Regular activities at the University include First cycle education and research. Thus, a programme such as commissioned education for SMEs, Growth engine, counts as an education outside of the regular activities of the University and must therefore have full cost coverage.

Despite this, and thanks to significant financial investments made by Eskilstuna municipality's Business Department and Sparbanken Rekarne, MDU is happy to offer the commissioned education for SMEs, Growth engine, to professionals in the industry at a heavily subsidised price.

The goal is for more small and medium-sized companies to benefit from the University's expertise, which can contribute to the growth and development of companies and the region.

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