Datum 2023-03-31
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Why not let your employees develop their skills and your workplace by becoming a doctoral candidate?

Fyra personer står framför en tavla med färggranna post it-lappar.

Currently, there is fierce competition for economists with specialist competences. According to the Labour Market Tendency Survey by Statistics Sweden, 44 per cent of Sweden's employers have flagged for a shortage of experienced economists in the next few years.

To meet this demand, MDU is committed to offering additional cutting-edge third-cycle education, by offering third-cycle/doctoral studies in Business Studies. MDU already offers third-cycle education in Industrial Economics and Organization since a few years. With two economics subjects at doctoral education level, doctoral candidates will be able to develop cutting-edge knowledge in one of these areas, providing them with a clear career path.

“With third-cycle studies in Business Studies, our doctoral candidates can obtain an internationally competitive degree to prepare them for advanced work duties where they can contribute to knowledge development in society,” says Emilia Rovira Nordman, Professor and Head of Subject, Business Studies at MDU. For instance, after graduation, doctoral candidates in Business Studies can benefit from their studies by being skilled at analysis, using their research by putting it into practice, driving organisational and business development, facilitating dialogue between researchers and decision-makers and acting as a bridge between different parties.

Externally employed doctoral candidates – a link between working life and University

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Would your company or organisation be interested in giving an employee the chance to take a doctorate in Business Studies or Industrial Economics and Organization? Please contact Linda Höglund, Director of Third cycle Studies, Industrial economics and organization (IEO) and Business administration (FEK) to find out more.