Externally employed doctoral students – the link between working life and university

An externally employed doctoral student is a research student who is employed in a company or municipality and who carries out research studies during employment. If employed in a company the doctoral student carries out research studies within this employment, while a doctoral student in a municipality carries out research studies at the University and at the same time works within the municipality. Research studies may be carried out either full time or part time.

The doctoral student conducts research on a question that the employer needs help with, and thereby contributes towards developing the organisation. Through this practically oriented research the organisations can see immediate results and gain new knowledge and understanding of new working methods.

The externally employed doctoral students act as a link between research and the work in the organisation, and on behalf of MDU they help the University’s research groups to ensure that the research conducted is relevant in practice.

The feedback gained from the organisations is also valuable for the development of the University’s courses and study programmes, and the students thereby also benefit from this cooperation.


MDU research can improve performance in the 5G network

Marcus Jägemar


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Research studies in Sweden

PhD programmes in Sweden are mainly research-based. This means that most of your time, you will be performing research toward your final dissertation. This will usually take a minimum of four years of full-time work (or 240 ECTS credits).

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