The University's Vision

A progressive and collaborative university where together we form a sustainable future

MDU's new Vision was introduced on 1 January 2021. It has been developed in dialogue with employees, students and collaborative partners and looks ahead to 2030. The Vision is based on three main components and these are described in the following three short, evolving texts:

We are a progressive university

In a changing world, MDU offers flexible, innovative and high-quality research and study programmes with technical excellence that encourages curiosity, innovation, critical thinking and lifelong learning among students.

We create value through collaboration

The co-producing research and education environments are engines for knowledge development and innovation. Thanks to a unique collaboration between academia, civil society, the private and public sector, value is generated in a global society.

We help shape a sustainable future

On a scientific basis, with its inclusive approach and long-term perspective, MDU's research and education promotes social, ecological and economic sustainability.

MDU's Research and Education Strategy forms the basis for the entire University's operations from the years 2017 to 2022. The following four common goals are part of the strategy that the University works towards:

  1. MDU offers high-quality programmes and courses at Bachelor’s, Masters and Research/Doctoral Studies level.
  2. MDU conducts acclaimed and, in some fields, leading research.
  3. MDU has students and research students who are satisfied with their education.
  4. MDU has employees and leaders that are skilled, are willing and have the prerequisites to contribute to the University's development.

Collaboration that creates value

The Research and Education Strategy also states that MDU will be a leader in the country when collaborating with the surrounding society. The University has several strategic agreements with private industry and the public sector that help strengthen the quality of the University's research and education and ensure that students' skills are in demand in the labour market.

MDU hosts three centres of expertise and research that serve as meeting places between researchers, students, private industry and the public sector. Automation Region and Robotdalen are two operations that connect the University's research and education with many member organisations, most of them in the private sector. The Social Contract is a public sector centre of expertise and research and includes MDU, Eskilstuna Municipality and Västerås Municipality.

Close link between
research and education

The University's Strategy states that research and education should go hand in hand and proof of this is that the University has signed the Magna Charta Universitatum document – a democratic agreement that approx. The agreement emphasises the HEI’s responsibility for education in society, and that research and education are one unit and not two separate parts.

Research conducted at the University, which in some domains is internationally prominent, serves as a scientific basis for the programmes and courses and is of value and benefit to society.

MDU also works actively with equality issues as well as developing the digitalisation of the University's operations. MDU's goal is to prepare students for a changing society, which affects the content, form and pedagogy of the programmes and courses.

How MDU works to achieve the UN's sustainable development goals

World leaders have agreed to 17 global goals which are intended to be achieved by 2030: ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustices in the world and addressing the urgency of climate change. This is how MDU works to achieve the respective goals.

Continuous focus on quality

The University is an organisation of learning that constantly strives for high quality in both education and research. Through a systematic working approach, the University's quality system will support the implementation of education and research, but also capture and address shortcomings and ensure development. An important aspect of the quality efforts is that all students can evaluate each completed course. Additionally, as a student, it is possible to influence quality efforts by getting involved in the Student Union.