Introduction videos

At the University, many of us are waiting to help you progress from the start of your course, until you get your degree and finally your dream job. Watch the introduction videos to get your studies off to a great start.

The Student Centre

Find out what the Student Centre can help you with and about the different IT systems and platforms that you will use during your studies.

The University Library

As a student you need to know how to search, evaluate and cite information. The library offers support and guidance to help you complete your studies.

Study Guidance

If you have any questions about your choice of study and the labour market you can contact one of the Study Advisors.

The Student Health Care

The Student Health Care is here to help you feel well and stay healthy during your time at the University. For example, you can participate in various courses and make appointments to see a counsellor.

Studying with a disability

There are several types of support and adjustments available if you have a permanent disability or another type of disability while you are studying.

Support for all students

As a student you will have access to free software to help you during your studies.

Academic writing

Through this film you will get helpful tips that will assist you when you write your thesis, reports and other academic papers.

Mälardalen Student Union

Mälardalen Studen Union is the official student union at MDU, that works with improving your time as a student.

The Swedish academic system (for international students)

This video gives you a short overview of the Swedish academic system, such as credit system study periods, exams and the grading scales.

One University - two campuses

We have our main campus centrally in Eskilstuna and Västerås, but also educate in Nyköping and Södertälje. The study environments are designed in collaboration with the students - and this is evident.

Housing company Bostad Västerås

The housing company Bostad Västerås gives you information and tips about your housing.

Fire and evacuation procedures

Learn about the fire and evacuation procedures at the University.

Do you have more or other questions?

Contact The Student Centre by email or phone
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and Friday 08:00-15:00

Email: studenttorget@mdu.se
Phone number: 021-10 13 10